Copy of my Minnesota deed, beware!

One of my past clients recently contacted me about a letter they had received after they closed on their new home in Eagan.  The letter they received offered to them, that for only $60 dollars they could have a copy of their Minnesota property deed sent to them. I won’t go so far as to say it is a scam, in the sense that the company may actually send you a copy of your deed.  However, most owners may not realize that they receive a copy of the actual deed from the title company within 3 months after they close.  Also, if you lose the original deed, you can go to the county and they will charge aproximately $20 dollars and make a copy of your original deed.

The Minnesota deed is the document that officially transfers ownership of the property when buying a home.  It is the strongest evidence of home ownership which is why it is recorded with the county as public information.

Title work and the closing process can be very confusing to consumers.  Both the buyer and the seller choose who they want as their title company.   This means there are closing costs for both the buyer and the seller.  This gets confusing when negotiating and a buyer asks the seller to pay the buyers closing costs.  This can be done, but technically both sides still have their own closing costs.  If the seller does pay for the buyers closing costs it is a way to wrap the buy side costs into the purchase price and thus the loan.

If you receive something in the mail offering to sell you a copy of your Minnesota deed for $60 dollars, just be aware you really won’t need to do so.  If you have questions regarding title work, deeds, closing costs or any other real estate question feel free to leave a post here or send me an email!

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