Eden Prairie Townhomes with Three Car Garages

See more 3 car townhouses in Eden Prairie (as available)

This list of Eden Prairie townhomes with three car garages is short, as you would expect. Of course, most of these townhomes with triple garages will be found in Bearpath, just as you would also expect.

Minnesota home buyers love garages, especially three car garages. In fact, the more stalls, the better so there is room for boats, jet skis, and all of the stuff the grandkids leave lying around. Baby Boomers love Eden Prairie townhouses because they can live in a great community, forget about yard work, and don’t want to drop dead from heart attacks while shoveling snow.

Hot Townhouse Listings in Eden Prairie – Triple Garages!

After being reminded of the obvious facts stated above, you do not have to be a rocket scientist or Warren Buffet to see that Eden Prairie townhomes with three car garages will soon have the smart money on them. You will note that most of these 3 car town house units for sale are in Bearpath gated golf course community, but from time to time you might find others on Mitchell Lake that offer association members use of the dock.

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